Reborn Ragnarok Online PH Server

Reborn Ragnarok Online PH Server 2.18

It is a server of the online game Reborn Ragnarok
2.18 (See all)
Gravity Co.Ltd

Reborn Ragnarok Online PH Server is a server of the online game Reborn Ragnarok.
- Bot Killer to avoid botters
- Mercenaries!
- Official Auction System!
- Official World Map(Ctrl ~)!
- Official View Character's Equipment Info!
- New Emoticons(/e27 to /e33).
- War of Emperium Second Edition.
- Battlefield
- RPC War Arena.
- Upto 21 Character slots.
- Storage Capacity Increased to 800.
- Maximum zeny increased to 2 billion zennies.
- Custom NPC's for a better gaming experience!
- Custom Map for a better place to be with your friends.
- Items, Armors, Weapons and Cards NPC at the MALL!
- No Custom super items for balance and official effects.
- 100% Drops! (on non-MVP Monsters)
- Daily Events with cool prizes!
- Daily WoE with treasure box drops for custom quests!
- 24/7 UPTIME!!!
- Now in a Dedicated Lagless Host!
- Fastest Growing Community!
- International Players are welcome!
- Now with the implementation of Renewal and 3rd Jobs

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